Grisaille figure from two angles

Currie 2017.   Grisaille figure from two angles .  Oil on canvas panel, 20" x 16".  

Currie 2017.  Grisaille figure from two angles.  Oil on canvas panel, 20" x 16".  

Juliette Aristedes is an artist and author of art instruction books that I follow.  In Aristedes' atelier, students spend the first year drawing in charcoal and the second year doing oil paintings in grisaille, which is a monotone produced by various shades of a single dark color mixed with white.  This practice helps you to build skills in handling the oil paint and to work on form and value (light to dark) without worrying about color.  I have been doing a lot of these grisaille paintings this year to build these skills.  In this painting I sketched the same model in the same pose from two different angles.  Combining two angles on the same canvas like this is challenging but it helps with accuracy.  One of the goals is to make each element such as the right elbow, the right ankle, the hem of the skirt, and so on, align horizontally in both views.

I also tried a new way of beginning the early stages of this painting.  Normally I do a charcoal or pencil sketch on paper and then transfer that to the canvas, or draw with charcoal directly on the canvas until I'm satisfied with the form and proportions in the line drawing before moving on the painting stage.  Here, using a long-handled brush I stood back and just immediately started painting, using the brush to draw directly with the oil paint on the canvas and making corrections by wiping paint away with a rag.